Eugene City Council Unanimously Moves to Modify Camping Laws

This afternoon, the Eugene City Council moved unanimously to propose a temporary ordinance allowing homeless camping on vacant city property that is not developed parkland for a trial period of four months. The ordinance has yet to be crafted, and will be subject to a public hearing, but this move by the City Council today is the most progressive step that the City of Eugene has taken regarding the camping laws since they were first enacted in 1983.

This move comes after nearly two years’ work on the part of homeless activists in Eugene, who have been consistently arguing in favor of changing the camping laws at nearly every Council meeting since the fall of 2011. The camping ordinances have been the subject of controversy since they were enacted, and numerous groups of activists have attempted to persuade Council to change the laws since the mid 1980’s.

More information from the Eugene Register-Guard can be found here:

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