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A Note About Counts and Statistics:

Homeless statistics are widely varied and notoriously unreliable, and often do little to illustrate an accurate picture of homelessness. Differences in methodologies, differing definitions of who is homeless, and the abilities and limitations of the individual group conducting the count all factor into the wide discrepancies in different sets of statistics.

Adding to these challenges is the fact that there is simply no easy and reliable way of counting many homeless sub-populations, especially those who are unsheltered and who often do not want to be found. While the federally mandated one-night shelter count carries with it a certain degree of reliability in terms of methodology, as does the required data collection of homeless children in public schools, the various counts of unsheltered individuals, homeless youth, doubled-up individuals, and numerous other subpopulations are generally regarded by both social service workers and homeless advocates to be significant if not severe undercounts, regardless of how focused and determined the efforts may have been.

Homelessness in Lane County

The 2013 Lane County One-Night (Point-In-Time) Count, which is mandated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), identified 1,751 homeless people.  1,102 were unsheltered, and 649 were in emergency shelter or transitional housing.

The 2012 count was only a sheltered count, and 651 people were counted.

The 2011 count identified 2,140 homeless people, 1,406 unsheltered and 734 in shelters or transitional housing. 633 were considered chronically homeless, and 254 identified themselves as veterans.

The 2010 count, which revealed 3,959 people of which 2,503 were unsheltered, 964 were in shelters or transitional housing, and 492 individuals received rental assistance to prevent homelessness.

However, these figures for all four years reflect an undercount when compared with the number of people who sought homeless services through programs funded by the Lane County Department of Human Services:

2012: 10,857
2011: 7,218 (partial year count)
2010: 10,708
2009: 11,513
In 2012, the Oregon Department of Education reported 717 homeless children enrolled in the Eugene public schools, 524 enrolled in Springfield, and 2,262 enrolled in Lane County total.

Homelessness in Oregon

Over 20,000 homeless children were enrolled in Oregon public schools in the 2011-2012 school year according the Department of Education.

Statewide totals from the HUD One-Night Count are as follows:

2012: 15,828
2011: 17,254
2010: 19,208



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