Civic Engagement

An open democratic society is built upon an active and conscious citizenry. The Nightingale Collective respects the roles of both government and business in our society, but believe that real power and justice comes from the people. We participate in civic affairs to the fullest of our capacity as a matter of practice, and we believe that civic engagement is a powerful and essential way to shift the power dynamics and attitudes in our community.

To this end, we work with local community members and activist networks to build a more participatory political culture. This ranges from organizing people to speak before city officials and commissions, coordinating mass acts of civil disobedience in response to local oppression, and producing media projects based on local events and concerns.

However, it is not enough that we encourage a practice internal to our group; our society requires a more active civil sector across the board. We also work to build long-term relationships with community organizations, elected officials, local business owners, and other civic leaders.


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