Our Work

Highlighting issues that affect the local unhoused population, specifically regarding interactions with law enforcement, unfair applications of local policies and ordinances, and concerns with the local judicial system.

Shining a spotlight on the adverse effects and injustices inherent in laws and policies that criminalize homelessness and poverty, and

Advocating for local laws, policies and practices based on compassion, inclusion, and respect for human rights as opposed to laws and policies that respond to social problems through punitive and oppressive means.

Investigating and drawing attention to businessĀ and governmental interests within our community who actively work to further marginalize the homeless by lobbying for and/or supporting policies and practices that focus on criminalizing conduct and excluding “undesirables”.

Actively encouraging those who often feel powerless to participate in civic affairs and community organizing, and we work with people on an individual basis to help enable them to do so successfully.

Assisting individuals who have concerns with or complaints against local government agencies and entities, such as the police, the library, and the public transit system. We investigate and clarify matters and controversies related to property lines and powers of authority.



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