NPAC Supports Two Local Efforts in Eugene Right Now!

thumb_NHSlogNightingale Health Sanctuary (NHS)

—A project of NPAC to establish and operate a self-governed village-style community focused on health and wellness.  NHS will provide a safe and supportive community for people who are unhoused and will be both inclusive and accessible.

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—An independent, unsanctioned tent sanctuary organized and governed by Eugene’s unhoused community. Whoville is protesting for the right to sleep as a basic human right.  NPAC regards sleep as an unavoidable consequence of being human and sees the criminalizing of unhoused people for sleeping as inhumane and unjust. NPAC supports Whoville by providing port-a-potties and sometimes hand-washing stations. We also encourage public support through volunteering, financial donations, and contributions such as blankets, warm food, tarps, socks, etc.

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