Nightingale Health Sanctuary: Project Description

NHS will establish a self-governed, village-style, accessible community that will focus on health and wellness. Our goal is to provide a safe place for people who are unsheltered, and to be both accessible and inclusive. In community, residents will support and assist each other to the best of their abilities, with the support of the larger community.

When the project is complete there will be 30 units for residents, an on-site health clinic two days a week, an overnight guest program hosting the neighborhood’s unhoused providing a supervised group sleeping area and breakfast as well as a resource connection time in the morning. Activities to support health and wellness will be offered. In partnership with the neighborhood, NHS seeks to create a Neighborhood Rapid Response Team, which will assist with issues arising from homelessness in the neighborhood.

Once a sanctuary is established NHS intends to offer the larger unhoused community:

  • a health clinic operating at least twice a week;
  • a guest program offering people in the neighborhood who are unhoused a safe place to sleep; and
  • a resource and information center assisting people to connect with community resources.


Additionally, NHS intends to offer classes and activities to support health and wellness such as:

  • yoga;
  • meditation;
  • cooking and nutrition classes;
  • gardening;
  • peer-to-peer mediation;
  • peer-to-peer coaching;
  • communication training;
  • music and art activities; and
  • self-care skills training designed to enhance overall health and allow for the management of pain and stress.


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NHS Project Description

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