Public Spaces

keseyukuleleOur public spaces are meant for the benefit of all community members but in Eugene and many other cities, rules are set in place to discourage use by certain kinds of people…  While a just and equitable system would offer public spaces that suit all the different members or our diverse population, Eugene is part of an all too popular trend to eliminate public amenities for everyone in an effort to deter youth, the unhoused, and “travelers” from occupying public space.  This is in conjunction with increasing criminalization of people for unavoidable human needs such as sitting or resting (especially needed by people that are disabled), going to the bathroom or sleeping.  Nightingale Public Advocacy Collective has been a part of the following advocacy projects related to sharing public spaces in a way that benefits everyone.

Advocating For Bathrooms Downtown

Ending the Exclusion Zone

Providing Bathrooms for Homeless

Kesey Square Revival


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