Legalize Survival

existingCertain things are necessary for human survival. Most people would agree that food, water, and shelter are among our minimal necessities as humans. A place to use the bathroom is something many of us may take for granted but is also something a human must do as a part of survival. Sleep as well, is an unavoidable consequence of being human. In order to sleep, most would also agree that you need to have shelter from the weather and feel relatively safe.

Sleep and a place to use a bathroom are the main rights of survival that local Eugene efforts have concentrated on thus far. These behaviors are considered human rights because they are basic standards that are protected through legal means in many places around the world. However more and more cities in the U.S. are increasingly criminalizing behaviors that cannot be avoided by any human.

It is the position of the Nightingale Public Advocacy Collective that we must speak out about this injustice and make sure that no matter who you are, your human rights are respected and you are not criminalized for those things that you cannot help but do.

Bathrooms for the Homeless

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Tarps For Life

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