How to Help

You can help us in a variety of ways…

If you’re local to Eugene, we’re always looking for volunteers. No matter where you live, financial donations as well as donated supplies are greatly appreciated.

Spreading our message, talking about our work, and educating others not only helps what we’re doing in Eugene, it helps raise awareness about the widespread prevalence of the patterns that we discuss and highlight. We encourage you to speak out in your own community, share our work with your friends on Facebook,

Most importantly, we encourage you to closely scrutinize your own community through the lens of social justice. Examine your local laws, policies and practices that are used in regards to the poor and unhoused. How are the disenfranchised treated where you live? Are there adequate public shelters and service stations? Is it against the law to sleep in public, to lean against a building, to serve food to the homeless? How are public spaces governed in your town? What is your community’s attitude towards the homeless? What are these attitudes based on? Does your community serve as a model? Or does your community choose criminalization over compassion?

Take what you see and start talking about it. Change begins at home.


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