The Federal Plaza

Since the second SLEEPS movement was kicked out of the Free Speech Plaza on September 3rd, the Federal Plaza located at 7th and Pearl has become a key strategic site. This site is secure for SLEEPS in part because local protestors have been challenging free speech constraints on that site for over a year now. On May Day, 2012, an Occupy camp was setup there. This was the last Occupy site proper in Eugene. The plaza was held for a number of months before being closed down, and local protestor ‘Brave Beatrice’ took a federal citation in order to take the closure to court. Her case was thrown out. After protestors assembled a second time, Federal agencies again shut down the site. This time not only Beatrice but another local protestor Terry were cited. Again the court threw out the case. Due in part to these precedents, Deparment of Homeland Security staff have been compliant with allowing the protestors to remain there.

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