Whoville Update

date:modify: 2009-12-01T10:29:49-06:00
Whoville is an unsanctioned tent sanctuary made up of mostly homeless and some housed people.  They are protesting for the right to sleep.

Whoville is 30 homeless strong and growing everyday.  We have moved 8 times in one month but are currently standing our ground in the shadow of the Federal Courthouse at 6th and Mill, N of Federal Courthouse.  All together 14 (no camping) tickets have been issued between 11/5/14, 11-19-14, 11/24/14, and 11/26/14.

We are camping on unused city owned property to have shelter from wind and rain, to support each other and to call attention to the criminalization of houseless people in Eugene.  Another storm is coming soon…

We are becoming very familiar with the train system of Eugene, feel like we practically know the people that honk their horns on their way to work starting at 4 am and the friendlier supporters that tap their horns hello as they go by.… Read the rest