NPAC Now Supports Two Protest Camps

As we head into 2016, NPAC is proud to be helping to support two protest camps through another winter. We are helping to provide bathrooms and sanitation for two unsanctioned rest stops: The OURS camp and the Ninth Ward.
The beginning of what is now the OURS camp started over a year ago. The first year was difficult with the camp moving over 30 times. It took many moths to build infrastructure and community with the help of committed second-level supporters. OURS is the longest running self-governed unsanctioned camp in Eugene.
The Ninth Ward is still in early childhood in comparison, but proves that this model can be replicated. Building another camp from the ground up takes time; community and trust don’t happen in a week or a month. The Ninth Ward is currently hitting its stride and has become another example of people learning how to live together and be treated with respect.… Read the rest

NPAC Cuts Fiscal Ties with NHS

NPAC announces we are no longer the fiscal sponsor of NHS. We wish Nightingale Health Sanctuary all the best as they start their second year off Martin Luther King Blvd, near Lane County Behavioral Health. As a sanctioned camp, they have the permission of the county and city to run two camps of 15 people each through August of 2016.

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SLEEPS Protesting in Eugene Again!

Another Oregon winter has begun and it has been severely cold, windy, and wet already. Again, thousands of our unhoused citizens face another New Year with their basic human rights being violated by Eugene’s laws against sleeping. With tents erected illegally in a refugee camp fashion, the words “Please let us sleep” say it all at the SLEEPS protest currently on 150 Shelton Mcmurphy Blvd. Safe Legally Entitled Emergency Places to Sleep is what they want and it seems like a fair request but what they have been getting is even more tickets than usual and a lot of police time that could be much better spent. Forcing people from one place to another when they honestly have no where to go and no choice but to sleep, is a waste of city resources and anyone that agrees can email the city here. You can also go to a meeting and let your voice be heard.… Read the rest